End of An Era- Moving to WP

We are moving to Wordpress
After years of deliberations and arguing with myself about the usefulness of Blogger as a posting medium, in spite of little updates and improvements, I stuck with it.
But we at Liza Haircare, formerly Saiman Bobbypins, have gone through a paradigm shift with new changes to our company and its ethos.
In keeping in terms with this change, I have decided to move to a more modern and updated blogging platform, which for me is Wordpress at the moment.
So as I bid adieu to all my readers and followers, I humbly request you to please follow my posts and the latest happenings on #bobbypins on our new wordpress site called

We also have our own website at

I Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for all your comments and suggestions.
Warm Regards,
Team LHC
Rakesh Botadkar (MBA)

The correct use of Bobbypins! ☺

Who should use Bobbypins? And how?
Bobbypins are a universal accessory for hairstyles. Although some would say they have been used in other ways as well. The most popular being opening Door Locks!!! ☺ Now as a company in the business of manufacturing these pins, let me state candidly that we are a 50 year old company and some of our brands are nearly 40 years old. As a brand we owe it to our loyal customers to who put their faith in our pins for their hairstyles. To give them a pin that DOES THE JOB!! Every salon and every hairstylist out there is always complaining about the bad quality of grips and pins that are being sold. The price factor has become so important for these salons and the stylists, that they have forgotten that their hard work and effort can be completely wiped out in a matter of hours if the pins and grips used to hold these immaculate designs and styles is not right. On top of that, most hairstylists are now making more and more use of hair-holding sprays . It's …

Liza Haircare Premium Bobbypins now in Boxed Packaging!

We launched our Liza Haircare Premium Bobbypins range back in 2015 to a great response from you.  Two years hence, we've decided to make some elementary changes to our packaging to make the products easy to handle. We've also made some changes to the designs of the cards, this time they are easier to use for the end users. We always believe in customer experience more than anything. So these changes actually make a difference in the way users make use of their pins.  You still get all our 15 bespoke designs of pins for possibly every hair type and every hair style from #perms #straighthair #wavyhair #bobcuts #pixiecuts. So it's important for us to listen to you! We sincerely hope you like our new Boxed Packagings and that you will help us do better in the future. Our social channels are on each card. So if there's anything you need to tell or ask us, Tweet me @saimanbobbypins Thank you once from the Saiman Team!

Shaifali Bobbypins- The name Hairstyling Professionals swear by

Our Shaifali Bobbypins have been selling so well in the last 20 plus years since launch, that we have been overwhelmed by the response year after year from You, our beloved Customers! Over the past few years, however, we had some feedback that, the plastic cases (for which our brand is synonymous with) is getting difficult to use.  This change in consumer need made us rethink our packaging. After all, if it ain't broke, how do you fix it? But we did. We are so proud that we have taken this step of listening to the feedback received- Carded pins/grips would now be much easier to carry around in purses and bags. We have completely revamped our packaging yet retained the old design on the Signature Boxes themselves, so as to keep the consistency of the brand. We sincerely hope, you will be happy with this change and we will always endeavour to give you what you ask off of us. Thank you from Team Saiman #CalmDownAndPinYourHair

Our Evergreen Tipsy In a New Avtaar!

We are so proud to present to you our TIPSY
carded version of hairgrips.
The same quality, now with the added convenience of having your same mini pins on an easy to carry and use card packing.
For added convenience we have also perforated the card into four parts, so you can carry as many as you want and need.
This is very useful feature for hairdresser/ hairstyle managers/salon owners who work at a certain cost and this packing gives them the best way to do it.
As we write this, distribution and sales of this new packing of Tipsy is already done at the wholesale level and soon it will be available at most retailers as well, so you can get hold of this new card with your beloved Tipsy Mini pins soon.
We would love to hear from you.
Also please do visit us at or parent site
Cheers and #calmdownandpinyourhair
Team Saiman 

Our 2017-18 Liza Haircare Website is now Live!!

The Next Frontier for Bobby Pins Liza Haircare With an endeavour to deliver a quality recognised product, a company needs to be known in an industry.
We at Saiman Exports are pleased to launch our own brand of hairgrips, bobbypins aimed to give our Indian consumers what quality hair-essentials should be.
Over the years, it has been our learning that professionals in haircare industry here in India have kept pace with their western counterparts for haircare and hair aesthetics.
However hair-essentials as a category has long been ignored. 
Often hair-essentials are termed as disposable (it's a paradox in itself) and being treated as second fiddle.
True, that as a product so generic in nature, not a lot of attention is paid.
But that gets us to the exact point that it's exactly this innate property of the product which makes the bobby pins so unique and versatile in their various uses.

With that said, it's important that, YOU, our end-users consumers realise that by demanding …

Introducing Liza Haircare 500 gr boxes of hairgrips

2017-18 Liza Haircare Professional Grips
There are users of Bobbypins/ Hiagrips and then there are USERS!! 
Its with you'll in mind that we have come up with the 500 gr box of Grips/Pins.
Its better to leave a whole box of grips on your makeup table, than remove individual grips/pins off from cards. 
When you're in the middle of a fantastic do-it-yourself hairstyle, or for that matter at a salon getting a hip look, imagine your frustration if the strands of hair in your hands or the hair artist's slips when you/he/she are trying to get a grip/pin out of a card!! PHEW!!
Don't fret though!!
We've come to the rescue.
Same Professional Quality grips/pins. In a sturdy long lasting eco-friendly box that'll last months together!!
Of course we are still at the research/beta stage of putting it out in the market. Initially we want to understand the consumer sentiment!
Subscribe to our blog, Share our blog with your friends and salon artists, Comment on our blog!
Team Liza Haircar…

Wear your bobbypins the right way!

Over the years, hairstylists and consumers alike have made asked for different styles of Bobbypins from us manufacturers.
Obviously this is a good sign in the evolution of the pins and how to create more hairstyles with ease.

But one thing has been forgotten: How to actually use the bobbypins?

Here's an illustration on comparing effective use of Wavy Pins Vs Plain Pins
When you use Wavy Pins, use the wavy side inside out or upside down or toward your scalp. This helps in holding all the inner hair securely with the waves of the pin.

When you use Plain Curvy/Straight Pins (without waves/crimps), use them the natural way. This type of pin helps in securing the outer hair.

Always remember: 2 GOOD BOBBYPINS will do the job of 6 bad ones!!
We hope this information helps in giving your customers' a more beneficial and beautiful Look! #CALMDOWNANDPINYOURHAIR
Team Liza Haircare.

Get in touch. Stay in touch! ☺

Get in Touch...... Stay in Touch! Knowing us is one thing... I think you should know us better...
So here's all the ways you can interact with us:
You can always email me and my team at the following: For new product and agency related inquiries.
Our phones are busy, but you'll always hear back from us!
Tel: +91 (022) 24229583
Mobile: +91 (0)9821567577

Alternatively, you can always find us on various social media!

Tweet me @saimananbobbypins

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Best selling Luci glitter Bobbypins

They say Glitter is the New Black. We couldn't agree more. In keeping with our consumer demand in context, we present to you our Luci Bobbypins in all its Glittery Glory!
Hope you like them and we'll be happy to know your feedback.
You can follow us at our blog and leave your comments and suggestions.
Alternatively you can Tweet me @Saimanbobbypins.
Team Liza Haircare! ☺

Liza Haircare Hair Accessories

It's such an honor to finally launch a brand that has been put forth after studying consumer sentiment.
And we have only You, our consumers to thank! ☺
We have packaged the simple Bobbypin in a way that exudes quality, at the same time the pin itself serves the purpose of HOLDING YOUR HAIR ON PLACE, really!
Try it for yourself!
Tweet me at @Saimanbobbypins or @LizaHaircare for any information comments that you would like us to make in our forthcoming range!
We assure you all of our best attention.
The Liza Haircare Team

My trip to Hyderabad

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting our customers for the first time in years when I traveled to Hyderabad.
It was such an eye opener for me and our name as  reputed manufacturers of basic hair accessories.
Customers still love our name, our brands and our complete ethos!
It's sad however, that due to the unorganized nature of our business, we as manufacturers haven't really been able to give advantages to these customers in various parts of the Country!
I intend to change it radically and by this time next year, I pledge to atleast have our beloved customers in these regions have advantages to be at part with customers who are locally based. The clout has to end!
Our whole business ethics is based on keeping customers first, even in our export markets, so why not carry that forward in our own country where our brands like LIZA HAIRCARE, LIZA, SHAIFALI and TIPSY are so well received.
On this positive note, I sign off!

Salon-grade #hairgrips #bobbypins for different hair types!

Our #LIZAHAIRCARE range of professional grade bobbypins. Made with the customer in mind. Made keeping professional hair artists around the world opinions and comments. Every hair-type is different. So are our #hairgrips #bobbypins
Essentially, every hair type needs different haicare and obviusly different methods in styling! Thats what the video is all about! A good hairartist or hairstylist knows that thin hair cannot take perms very easily!  Similarly a good hair essential is as crucial as the hairartist. I quote one of the most famous hair educationists in the world, "I would rather use 10 great bobbypins, than 40 bad ones! That sums up the importance of these #hairessentials. Imagine a bride, being told by a hairartist: "Please dont move your head too much on the left or right. Keep your head very still!" This is another way of saying, "We have used cheap quality #hairpins #bobbypins on your hair and saved a few bob!" Its probably the best day of your life, you are …

Making Bobbypins- Billions or Bespoke?

Over the years, technology has led to production and manufacturing processes having lesser and lesser human interference, thereby reducing time lags, offering consistent quality and increasing productivity as a result.
What required an hour of human effort/labour/technique now gets done within minutes, sometimes even seconds.
So is human talent in manufacturing process a lost art or something unnecessary??
Perhaps in MOST cases, but not necessarily in all! If that were the case, then there'd be far too many Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Patek Philippes around.
The above marquee names, be it cars or watches are perfect examples of the case for human talent and the human creative mind. Obviously, i have mentioned these names only because i know of them. There may scores of other marquee names present who share these very attributes.
Although these companies use the best technology in machinery and tools, their main stay is still their human capital, their talented workforce w…

Long hair and the Indian Woman!

Being in the #hairandbeauty/#hairstyling/#hairessentials industry, I have come to notice, that somehow it's been taken for granted that if you have long hair, it's better to leave it 'plain-Jane' rather than try out styling it.
This can be true to a certain extent, but with numerous styling tools that have come into the #hairandbeauty industry, Today's women are spoilt for choice as to what they can do their lovely long tresses.
There are bangs, braids, highlights to name a few.
I wish we as stake holders of the industry could take it upon us to educate our customers that it's always easy now, more than ever to style your long hair. It needn't be a painful process.
There are amazing stylists in our cities that have a creative edge to actually transform women's looks in a jiffy. And when a lady has long soft hair, oh, the possibilities are limitless!
Our goal as a company is to provide our consumers with #qualityessentials that help to hold their sty…

Happy Diwali From Saiman Team!

Here's wishing everyone around the world a very Happy Diwali!
We take this opportunity on this Indian auspicious day to showcase our work and how we graduated to a name to contend with over the last few years in the hair essentials market.
Our LIZA HAIRCARE range of bobbypins has since the last six months been accepted widely throughout India, but we don't intend to stop there! We will endeavour through our online and offline efforts to enlighten our beloved customers around the world to give our products a try and actually feel the difference in their hair!! But don't take our word for it! Go ahead and try one of our Bobbypins.
The video about the strength test of bobbypins also means that not all pins used should open with JUST ONE USE :( But we know that is the case nowadays. So we went ahead and did this simple test to prove that NOT ALL BOBBYPINS NEED TO BE USED ONCE AND THROWN AWAY... Atleast not Ours! :)
It could not obviously have been possible without our Managin…

Cosmoprof Bologna 2014. Year of Indian #Bobbpyins #Hairgrips

COSMOPROF BOLOGNA 2014  The year 2014 was one of the biggest for the #hairandbeauty industry with #Cosmoprof Bologna 2014, becoming the largest exhibition for hair and beauty products worldwide.  Source: Cosmoprof Bologna 2014.
Keeping this in mind, we at Saiman Exports decided to visit the fair and interact with our customers around Europe. The fair gives buyers and sellers alike to network under one roof (one large roof, i must add! :)  Me, +Saiman Bobbypins India  and +Neiha Botadkar had a great time interacting with all our customers from Europe. to top things up, we even traveled for a short break to Lake Como as well! Oh what an experience! I'm sharing some photos of the fair, Lake Como and our beautiful experience.
We plan to make this an annual trip for both of us! so follow us and we'll keep you posted!

Please do share your comments!

Liza Haircare Salon professional #hairgrips #bobbypins tubs

We proudly bring to you, our consumers the Liza Haircare professional standard hairgrips in black, brown and blonde. Size: 5cm. Some key highlights of our grips: Strict use of appropriate thickness wire, for longevity of use.  These are tested against all stringent tests like pressure, chipping of paint, ball-tip etc. Fully coated on the inside surfaces of the grips to avoid  rust in humid conditions and also against chemicals contained in hair sprays, gels, lotions which come in contact with the articles. We have two designs in the salon packs, first is the regular rectangular tubs and also the new round tubs!!